Attraction Bracelet™ Moonstone

Attraction Bracelet™ Moonstone

'Made to order' Please allow 10-15 day processing as each bracelet is made by hand with loving intentions.

Adorn yourself in Attraction +

experience not only its power, but protection

free from burdens you connect with inner stillness.


Our Attraction + bracelets are one of a kind luxury

manifesting goods designed for the higher self.

Happy Manifesting.



  • Femininity

  • Dreams

  • Hope


Moonstone assists in channeling your inner goddess, bringing forth the feminine energy to meet the demands of modern life. This crystal helps expand your heart chakra, while increasing your innate intuition.



  • Transformation

  • Intuition

  • Faith


Labradorite aids in expanding your spiritual awareness on your quest of higher consciousness. This crystal opens up a world of possibilities, heightening your trust in the universe.




Shield yourself from electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation found throughout our technology-driven world. Shungite also establishes internal harmony by balancing your energy flow leaving you feeling calm and joyful.